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This website is a dream come true for me.  It combines my passion for the West Country (Cornwall and  S. Devon) with my hobbies of embroidery, art,  folklore and family history.

I was born in Cornwall, where I lived for the first 30 years of my life. My dear late Mum was a lovely, true Cornishwoman. My dear late Dad, although originally from Surrey, became an accepted  'Cornishman'  having lived in Cornwall for over 60 years!   Our parents never tired of taking us on trips at weekends, and I remember wonderful childhood days when we drove all over the county, and into Devon on occasions, exploring all the wonderful seaside villages, the breathtaking moors, and driving along narrow, winding roads not knowing where we would end up - which, of course, made it all the more exciting!

My partner, Tony, is also  'Cornish through and through'  and shares my love of Cornwall (though he was born 'down west' as opposed to my 'Mid-Cornwall' upbringing!). Although we have lived briefly in the West Midlands, and now in Plymouth ( 'just over the border' ),  the memories of Cornwall and its strong traditions still remain.   There is something special about being Cornish that never leaves you -  as the saying goes  'once a Cornishman, always a Cornishman' (or Cornishwoman, in my case!).

Special thanks to my sons for helping me get the website up and running: Simon BSc(Hons) who has patiently given his expert advice on many aspects, and Darren BSc(Hons), who has been the consulting and programming brains behind the project.  I love them dearly.

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