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The Devon Dumpling Pixie,  as its name implies,  is a more sturdy and rounded creature native to the Devonshire moorland.

Devon Dumpling Pixies are not as shy as their Cornish cousins.   A visitor to the Devon moorland is most likely to catch a glimpse of this friendly pixie,  and may even be fortunate enough to witness a fairy dance around the many mushroom-filled copses.  If you keep your eyes peeled at nightime,   you may see these pixies sitting in a ring,  the men smoking their pipes and the women spinning.   Or you may hear the sound of harps and pipes lingering in the mist.

Be considerate of these pixies,   however.   It has been told that a man passing one of these gatherings,  and hearing the low musical murmurings,  threw a stone into the circle.   The music stopped immediately and a dreadful shriek arose,  so high-pitched that the man ran off in fear of his life,  never returning to the spot again.

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