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The Donvernoc Piskies are good fairies who are destined to live "not on one side or t'other" of the Devon-Cornwall border.

As legend has it, these fairies are descendants of a most frowned-upon liaison between a fair Devon Pixie and a bold Cornish Piskie. Both were banished to live "not on one side or t'other" of the border between Devon and Cornwall. The lovers, full of sadness, settled on a magical island in the middle of the Tamar, where they lived happily together raising a family of 12 little ones.

It is said the descendants of these Piskies can be seen on a sunny day off Devil's point, when the mists over the Tamar turn blue. They will often be seen dancing and frolicking, turning cartwheels and mimicking their human onlookers. Their island is plentiful and their happy songs can be heard from each shore - Devon side and Cornwall.

Occasionally, in the distance on the Cornish shore, the lone figure of an old Piskie woman can be seen watching - could she be one of the Piskie clan who were unable to separate the lovers, or a guardian angel in disguise, watching over them and warding off all evil?

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