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Yeast Cake

 Yeast Cake/Yeast Buns

Again, my Cornish Grandma used to make these delicious yeast buns. She had an old Cornish Range, and I swear nothing could bake as well as this old oven. Imagine how we loved to visit! She was such a caring, homely grandma who always had time for us, though she must have been very busy. Grandma and Grandpa were caretakers of the town's Wesley Church which had a large congregation in those days.


Put yeast in a basin with a teaspoonful sugar. Add warm milk and water and leave to rise in a warm, draught-free place.

In another bowl, rub fat thoroughly into flour. Add fruit , sugar and salt.

When the yeast has risen, add to the bowl containing the flour mixture and mix to a soft dough. Put in a warm place to rise.

The dough can be used for buns or a cake. Bake a cake for approximately 1 hr. and the buns about 20 mins.

(or try it in a 'new fangled' breadmaker - adapted to suit the machine, of course!)