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Gran's Birthday Pudding

 Gran's Birthday Pudding

This, again, is from an old Cornish Recipe book. It appealed to me as something which would aptly be called 'naughty but nice' !

How wonderful it would be to come across a true 'Cornish eating house' serving traditional dishes such as this - nice for a holiday treat, but too fattening to eat all year!



Mix all ingredients well, and make into a stiff paste with milk. Place into a clean, floured cloth and tie loosely.

Plunge into boiling water and boil 'to a gallop' for 3 hours.

Remove from pan and cut a piece out of top as large as a teacup. Inside this hollow place 4 oz coarse brown sugar and one teacup of Cornish clotted cream. Put in a hot oven for 2 mins and serve piping hot.