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Egg, Bacon & Parsley Pie

 Egg, Bacon & Parsley Pie

My dear late Mum used to make a wonderful egg and bacon pie. In fact, she fed us well on true Cornish fare, even though times were hard. An egg and bacon pie is considered a treat by my family now (probably because I don't have time to make one very often!). They prefer the pie without parsley, so that's the one I usually make but I, personally, also love the parsley version!



Place salt and flour in a bowl. Cut fat into small pieces and rub roughly into the flour. Mix with a little ice cold water. Leave in fridge for a good hour before using


Traditional Savoury Filling

Preheat the oven to 210C/425F/Gas 7
Line a deep, 8" round tin with pastry. Wash parsley well, and chop roughly. Lay half of the parsley on the pastry base. Cover with the gammon cubes. Break 6-8 eggs one by one into a teacup (but do not whisk) and arrange evenly on top of the gammon. Season well with pepper and salt and top with the remainder of the parsley. Finally, cover the top with a thin layer of pastry and make a hole in the centre. Bake for about 40-50 mins.



Omit the parsley and top the pie with tomato slices before adding the pastry pie topping  (the tomatoes should, ideally, be plunged into a bowl of boiling water and the skin removed before slicing). 

A little grated cheese sprinkled on the pie top before baking can be very tasty....